Bathroom and spa solutions for the home

Our own bathroom is the place where we have a chance to rest, where we relieve stress, top-up with life energy and do something for our well-being.
Which makes it all the more important to design this space to meet our personal needs.

This is why Dornbracht provides a wide variety of products and solutions for the bathroom and spa, for you to combine exactly as you wish.
Thanks to the stringent design language of the entire Dornbracht product portfolio, the result is always perfectly matched wellness solutions for your home.

Potential solutions

Outstanding design & exclusive finishes
Dornbracht products are synonymous with top-class design that has a distinctive style and personality. Their aesthetic appeal is based on universal design principles:
perfect proportions, clear lines. With Dornbracht, you can always be sure that your chosen bathroom design will be as enduring as it is timeless. There is a varied portfolio of excellently crafted, plated finishes to choose from – whether high-gloss or polished, from chrome, to platinum, to gold and cyprum.

Perfect functionality & amazing ease of use
You have a wide variety of products to choose from, for that perfect water experience: from a hand shower with three settings, to the Dornbracht rain shower product family, to affusion pipes, waterfall fittings and massage sprays. Choose between different mechanical and digital control elements to go with them. From high-quality, ergonomic mixers and thermostat fittings to digital control via Smart Tools,
use them to select practical comfort functions such as automatic bath filling, just by pressing a button – or by using your smart phone or tablet in combination with the Smart Water app.

High-quality materials & excellent workmanship
The exceptional quality and value of all Dornbracht products can be recognised in the detail: the precise edges, exact angles and radii are the result of perfect workmanship and strict quality control. We use especially high-quality, lead-free materials as a clear example of what is meant by premium quality that is “Made in Germany”.

Health-enhancing water applications
Water applications for health: Dornbracht provides specialised products and solutions to help you easily integrate health-enhancing treatments into your everyday life. To ensure that you can use the water applications really effectively and confidently, we have developed Dornbracht Signature Treatments. These are perfectly matched water programs, selected at the touch of a button for you to enjoy – whether a revitalising contrast shower, a relaxing wellness shower, an invigorating leg affusion or a therapeutic foot bath.

Here is an overview of our bathroom and spa solutions for the shower, bath, washstand, foot bath and drinking zones. Bring your preferred solutions together as a collage in the wish list.

Wellness - Footh bath

The FOOTH BATHATT is a popular wellness application that is not only soothing for your feed but has also a therapeutic effect on your entire body. Targeted temperature related stimulations (warm, cold or poikilothermic) have a positive impact on the circular flow, immune system, metabolic and neural system.



Drinking Water Faucet

The Dornbracht Hot & Cold Water Dispenser makes drinking water in Spa areas easy and quick available. The comfortable drinking water faucet for your home has immediately filtered hot- or cold water available.