eUnit Shower

eUnit Shower - the smart rainshower

eUnit ShowerATT is the luxury rain sky for your smart bathroom. The innovative shower solution comprising the BigRain rain panel with a complete hand shower set, is activated by Smart Tools digital control elements. If you like, you can also combine the eUnit ShowerATT with Dornbracht’s Smart Water app – and open up even more added value for your health and comfort.

The unique Dornbracht rain

The smart shower eUnit ShowerATT gives you the feeling that you are experiencing a natural shower of rain in your own bathroom. The BigRain rain panel has an overhead spray and a body spray. While the water falling from the overhead spray onto your face, neck and hair creates a pleasant tingling sensation, your shoulders and upper body are enveloped with water from the body spray. If you use the body spray on its own, your face and head stay dry – so you can breathe freely as you enjoy your therapeutic shower.  

The secret of the remarkable Dornbracht rain lies in the raindrops: thanks to the finely adjusted jets, the water is not under pressure as it falls from the shower. The huge, soft drops feel as light as a feather on your skin – just like a gentle shower of rain.


Smarter Showering

eUnit ShowerATT is controlled intuitively and easily with Dornbracht Smart Tools. These digital control elements give you accurate control over the temperature and volume of the water – fully in keeping with your personal preferences.

There are more benefits to be had with the shower and app combination. If you use Dornbracht’s Smart Water app, you can also enjoy pre-programmed signature treatments with eUnit ShowerATT. You can easily activate them from the app, or download them directly to the Smart Tools.

Perfectly matched water applications – Sensory SkyATT

With Dornbracht Spa Solutions you can experience water applications at home at any time - and in a particularly comfortable and effective way. 
For this purpose, we have developed our Signature Treatments with experts from the health and wellness sector: 
Perfectly matched water programs that you can select and enjoy at the touch of a button.

What does mist feel like? What does nature smell like?


Readjust sharpens the senses. Mist and soft rain reduce the daily flood of stimuli to a soothing minimum – until the gentle light of dawn sets in, the sky gradually clears and your awareness becomes more conscious and intense once again. The fresh-woody meadow herbs and sweetfruity hints of berries that compose the luxury shower are reminiscent of the pleasantly soft fragrance of a dry forest floor, and boost the feeling of revival after your shower.


Release is reminiscent of the intense summer rain that simultaneously cleanses and liberates. Pent-up energies are discharged in different rain modes and in invigorating changes of temperature and light. The alternation of cool and warm water in the rain curtain and the fascinating interplay of a summer shower and sheet lightning encourage a feeling of release – accompanied by a refreshing, seemingly tropical fragrance with hints of citrus and an earthy base. A new beginning for body, mind and soul.


Rejoice protects, envelops and stabilises. Theouter, warm rain curtain of the luxuryshower becomes a projection screen for the light effects, as water droplets glisten in all the colours of the rainbow. Added to this is a poetic composition of fragrance, that combines fresh and clear notes with a spicy-sweet and woody finish. A multi-faceted and harmonious interplay of colours, fragrances and water modes that gradually spreads through the entire organism and harmonises all the senses.

eUnit Shower in the smart home

eUnit ShowerATT has an open IP-based interface that allows it to network with other digital systems. You can enhance your shower experience with even more added value, such as by integrating your own favourite music, or individual atmospheric lighting.

Quality: Handmade in Germany

For decades, Dornbracht has been synonymous with high-quality design – made in Germany. Not only do we count on state-of-the-art production technologies, we also, and most importantly, rely on the experience and practised eye of our long-standing employees. We think that the care and attention given to our products and solutions in the course of their manufacture is the most important requirement for outstanding quality and precision. This is why skilled craftsmanship is involved in all areas of production – from assembly, to the continual checks after every operation. This also applies to our smart rain shower eUnit ShowerATT, which is made to order at our Iserlohn factory and entirely assembled by hand. eUnit ShowerATT is the result of our uncompromising quality standard – and combines complex technology with high-quality workmanship at the highest level.