Architecture - planning and inspiration for wellness bathrooms & spa areas

Dornbracht LifeSpa delivers new experiences to the private bathroom and spa, as well as to the exclusive wellness and hotel environment. It is a flexible planning concept for wellness architectures that shows how water can perform and have a positive effect on your health and your personal life energy balance.

Whether you are planning a wellness bathroom for yourself, or for one of your customers – Dornbracht will advise you in your spa planning and support you in designing a wellness area that is fully in keeping with your individual needs. We take the actual space situation into account, and provide you with inspiration and specific planning aids – with regard to zoning, products, applications and materials, as well as the perfect mood lighting. We have years of experience and a sound understanding of spa and bathroom architecture, making us a competent partner who is ready to assist you in all phases of your planning.

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*some products are not/limited available for the US market. If you need further information please contact our experts.


Wellness Bathroom

In addition to daily cleansing, constitutional water applications gain more and more importance in the bathroom. Your bathroom can simply be converted into a wellness room by fitting various wellness products. Health-conscious living environments can be clarified through various applications with the element of water.

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Spa Area

Whether you are planning a spacious wellness spa area in the basement, a luxurious spa area on the ground floor or a panoramic spa area upstairs. A spa area can be designed according to the size of the available space and according to your wishes and ideas. Individually coordinated to individual needs, different solutions determine the zones of a private home spa. The spa area offers a variety of ways to support your healthy and preventive lifestyle.

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Wellness Bathroom

Private bath with integrated wellness solutions - wellness for your home

High-quality bathroom design combined with state-of-the-art architecture and individual health benefits characterise today's wellness bathroom. It creates a place of relaxation in which wellness experiences are guaranteed. Whether during modification, renovation or new construction of your bathroom, size does not matter. Our planning-experts find solutions for every bathroom. In fact, comfort, quality and use are the focus and form the basis for an individual and private retreat. In your wellness bathroom you can hold on for a short moment and draw new energy.

The wellness bathroom offers exclusive wellness for your home. Create your own retreat and be inspired by our selected bathrooms!

SSPS® Apartment by Sieger Design

3.5 m² – Relaxation area

Relax with the help of our Comfort Shower or release tension in the back by using massage jets (Aquapressure). All of this is offered by the health-promoting bathroom concept of SSPS® Apartment by Sieger Design. A premium spa solution that fits into even the smallest space. In addition, the smartly designed washbasin  is esthetically pleasing and provides additional space for storage.

Small Size Premium Spa by Sieger Design

A premium spa when space is tight – 6 m2

The “Small Size Premium Spa”, or SSPS® for short, from Sieger Design shows that with intelligent planning, you can implement a home spa with exclusive features even if you do not have much room. On an area of only 6 m2, this small, luxury bathroom meets the highest standards of comfort, functionality and quality of life.

SSPS® Suite by Sieger Design

Total Experience in a space of 8 m²

The SSPS® Suite concept by Sieger Design provides a private retreat with space for more than one person. The generously proportioned double washbasin offers enough space for personal needs, while the wet area, separated by a glass panel, provides all advantages of a health-promoting spa. Besides total relaxation under the Horizontal Shower, signature treatments can be carried out at the push of a button with the help of the vertical shower.

Private retreat by Bäderstudio Bukoll

Wellness bathroom on 12 m²

The structured placement of the sanitary objects makes the bathroom appear both visually larger and brighter and also creates sufficient space for movement. A platform solution was used to separate the wet zone from the rest of the bathroom, creating two zones. Zone one with a double washbasin and a free-standing bathtub for unique moments of relaxation and zone two with WC and a walk-in shower. The Kneipp hose integrated into the shower additionally promotes health through targeted water applications (temperature stimuli).

Architect: David Lampl

Spa Area

Private wellness home spa

The focus is on relaxation and regeneration. Spa & home will be connected so that private wellness treatments can be performed in your own home spa. State-of-the-art bathroom culture is respected in creation and design of the spa area. This creates your individual spa area with different zones and different spa elements.
Whether sauna, steam bath, emotional shower, drinking zone with water dispenser or Kneipp treatments, each spa area can be planned individually according to the needs of the users. This creates a private wellness spa that offers space for relaxation and unique wellness experiences.

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A wellness bathroom for several people by Diagana Spa Design – 25 m2

A wellness bathroom that is perfectly geared to use as a social spa or family spa. With an area of 25 m2 and well-conceived wellness features, there is enough space for you to use it together with your partner, your friends, or with your family.


An individual wellness area – LifeSpa by Meiré und Meiré

Dornbracht LifeSpa gives you the flexibility to plan and furnish a spa architecture that is as individual as it is exclusive, whether in a private bathroom or in a hotel and wellness environment. The modular concept shows you a variety of ways to design your bathroom in the sense of a health-enhancing lifestyle – coordinated to your own personal requirements.