Naturally healthy with water applications

The element of water always plays an important role in holistic health philosophies, whether Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or Kneipp therapy. This applies to hydrotherapy, the central component of the Kneipp health philosophy providing a wide range of water applications. Kneipp treatments are now more relevant than ever.

Awareness of the effect of water is also the starting point for product development at Dornbracht. Our water applications for bathroom and home spa are based on discoveries fundamental to Kneipp philosophy. For a number of years we have been collaborating with Jochen Reisberger, one of the leading European experts in this field. 

What drives us on is the vision every bathroom has the potential to be a LifeSpa. A space giving pride of place not only to personal hygiene, but also to our health. With appropriate wellness solutions for the home, water applications can easily be integrated into everyday life to save time. Hydrotherapy as part of a health-conscious lifestyle makes a significant contribution to increasing life energy and improving health.


Kneipp improves physical and mental vitality. Kneipp therapy is a recognised holistic approach that acts on the body, the mind and the soul.

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Aquapressure takes up the tried and tested principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With the power of water, you can perform water massages at home by yourself.

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The English word “Bliss” describes safe havens, where we can find blissful happiness, a deep sense of peace and feeling of arrival.

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Dornbracht LifeSpa Watereffect

Water effect

The significance of water for health should not be underestimated. The effect of water, the epitome of life energy, is cleansing and invigorating – both internally and externally. Water applications allow you to experience the effect of water on the skin in a variety of ways: sometimes balancing, sometimes relaxing, and sometimes stimulating. With the right treatments, this insight into the effect of water can be specifically harnessed for health and well-being.



Water flows and forms

Not all water is the same. Gentle raindrops, a powerful cascade, or the soft embrace of a stream of water are just some of the forms in which the element takes effect.Dornbracht’s exceptional water expertise is much in evidence in these diverse forms of presentation. Every flow mode is specifically designed to achieve the ultimate effect for a particular application.



Water applications

Water applications can enhance a health-conscious lifestyle in a variety of ways. From a cold thigh affusion to a therapeutic massage shower to a contrast shower or a warm relaxing bath, hydrotherapy provides numerous treatments to increase life energy and make you feel healthy, balanced and capable.