Targeted water massage through water pressure

Aquapressure describes the specific massage of pressure points, tense muscles or tendons by the pressure of water. This new approach was developed by Dornbracht, and takes up the principles of acupressure. This is a tried and tested method in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), specifically for easing blockages and imbalance. In acupressure, there is a manual stimulus by the fingertips, the ball of the thumb or the elbows, for example, whereas the effect of aquapressure is due to the pressure of the water. This has the advantage that it can also be used independently at home, at any time.

The effect of Aquapressure

Experience therapeutic water massage – simply by taking a shower.

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Aquapressure – Water applications

Integrate aquapressure into a health-conscious everyday life.

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Vertical Shower & Massage Modules

Apply Aquapressure correctly at home with our solutions.

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How does Aquapressure work?

Water is called the source of life in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Qi plays a key role in the theories and healing practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine, some of which are thousands of years old. A steady flow of qi, which can be interpreted as “life-force energy”, is regarded as the foundation and prerequisite for health and spiritual balance. The element of water has a key role to play in this. In the Chinese tradition, this is not just seen as a medium for cleansing and caring for the body. It is regarded more as a comprehensive cure that is used in many ways, both externally and internally. For example, drinking warm water – one of the oldest cures of Traditional Chinese Medicine – is recommended for cleansing the body from the inside, and removing harmful substances from the organism. Aquapressure also uses the power of water to increase the life-force energy in the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The basic principles of TCM are reflected in the five parameters of aquapressure – the pressure and temperature of the water and the duration, location and progression of the application.

How has Aquapressure arisen?

Interview with expert on TCM Christoph Stumpe

“Aquapressure takes up the tried and tested principles of Traditional ChineseMedicine.”
Dr Christoph Stumpe is head of the famous Shen Men Institute in Düsseldorf. An expert on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the accredited sports scientist got together with Dornbracht to develop Aquapressure – water massage for the home.

Dr. Stumpe, please tell us about the special features of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Chinese medicine has its origins in Taoism, a philosophy that developed from observing the laws of nature. In Taoism, humanity is perceived as part of nature. This means that the laws that apply to nature also apply to humanity. Treatment principles such as the yin and yang theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine developed on this basis. Qi, the life-force energy which flows through the body via meridians and acupuncture points, is at the centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine. If it flows harmoniously, we are healthy. By contrast, if we lack or have excessive life-force energy, the body is no longer balanced, which can cause problems.

How is it different to Western Medicine?

The most striking difference is probably in the energetic, holistic way of looking at things. This approach makes it possible to identify changes in the body at an early stage. It means that by using so-called patterns of disharmony to recognise any disease before it becomes established, Chinese Medicine can be used for prevention. This preventive essence or nature of Chinese Medicine basically points the way ahead.

Are these areas where Traditional Chinese Medicine has achieved notable success?

It has proved successful in treating chronic and psychosomatic problems, for instance. And also in pain management. “Qi, the life-force energy which flows through the body via meridians and acupuncture points, is at the centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

You are involved in developing Aquapressure – How does this fit in?

Aquapressure and its possible impact are a variation of acupressure, which plays an important role in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Like acupressure, Aquapressure is based on the principles of yin and yang, qi life-force energy, meridians and acupuncture points mentioned above. “This approach makes it possible to identify changes in the body at an early stage.”

Can you be more specific?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, common symptoms such as tenseness or headaches occur when the flow of qi is disrupted. This can be caused by external factors such as cold temperatures, wind, heat, wet conditions and dryness, or by internal factors. These include emotions such as anger or joy. The interplay of these so-called exogenous and endogenous factors creates imbalance in the flow of energy and thus the physical symptoms. Specific stimulation of selected acupuncture points harmonises the life-force energy. Problems such as tension in the head, neck and shoulder area are alleviated or prevented from happening in the first place. This in turn improves the sense of well-being and helps to increase vitality. But acupressure can also have a positive effect on the psyche, in cases of anxiety or insomnia, for instance.

How much of this can be transferred to Aquapressure?

In acupressure, we use parts of the body such as thumbs, fingers, the ball of the thumb or elbows. This is how we exert pressure on the meridians and the acupuncture points, to achieve the desired effect. In Aquapressure, this function is taken over by the pressure of water. It leads to increased blood flow in the skin and muscles at the relevant points and meridians. This is especially apparent when combined with the right amount of warmth. The medium of water is also especially interesting because it can take into account the basic action parameters of Chinese Medicine – intensity of pressure, location, duration and temperature – all at the same time. That is, the central parameters which can have a positive influence on our life-force energy. Aquapressure actually helps us to ease away blockages and tension while taking a shower. It can also be used for prevention. Because the combination of pressure and warmth also boosts the immune system and the body’s natural defences, which in turn helps to regenerate the body’s own resources. The big advantage of Aquapressure is that it can be carried out independently, in the comfort of the home. So every day, you can do something for your health – simply by taking a shower. “Because the combination of pressure and warmth also boosts the immune system and the body’s natural defences.”

Perfectly matched water applications


Dornbracht Massage Modules are an easy way to upgrade your bathroom to your own private LifeSpa. They are adaptable, can be integrated into every shower solution and enhance your daily spa and shower ritual: To enhance individual well-being, life-force energy and health.

Harmonising neck massage

Health benefit:
gently massaging and loosening the neck muscles
brings a feeling of security and restores harmony to the senses

Time of day:
Ideal after sport, or to restore balance at the end of the day

Select a lukewarm to warm temperature for this application. Feel the light to moderate intensity of the massage flow. In this application, you can easily adjust the pressure and temperature up or
down, but avoid the maximum ranges. Experience a balancing massage shower for the next 5 to 6 minutes. For the perfect effect, undulate your neck and shoulder region into the stream of water.
Rest your chin on your chest and lean backwards towards the massage flow. Then raise your head again and rock your body slightly forwards.

Harmonising fragrances such as cedarwood, rose or sage assist the balancing effect of this massage shower. Additionally integrate gentle forms of sport, such as yoga, Pilates or qigong, as well as outdoor exercise into your daily routine to maintain your life-force energy in perfect balance.

Relaxing back massage

Health benefit:
back muscles are thoroughly relaxed, tension is released the unruly torrent of thoughts gradually dies down

Time of day:
Highly recommended in the evening, to unwind after a stressful day

Set the massage flow to a high intensity and a hot temperature in accord with your personal preferences. Enjoy the intense massage flow for 1 to 2 minutes and feel the tenseness in your back gradually diminish. After this intense phase, regulate the intensity and temperature down to what you consider to be a moderate level and a pleasantly warm temperature. At the start of the application,you can loosen your back by moving sideways in the massage flow. It is also very beneficial to put both hands behind your head and lean back slightly.  Tip:
Warm light and relaxing fragrances such as lavender or balm intensify the calming effect of this massage shower. Treat yourself to some peace and quiet afterwards to get the most out of your relaxation – with a good book, restful music or a hot cup of tea. Meditation and autogenic training can help you combat the stress and hectic pace of everyday life with composure.

Revitalising back massage

Health benefit:
thorough loosening and activation of the back and neck drives away tiredness dispenses new energy

Time of day:
Ideal in the morning for starting the day feeling positive, rested and invigorated

Set the intensity of the massage flow to light to moderate. The temperature should feel pleasantly warm to hot. Avoid the maximum settings in this application. Enjoy the revitalising effect of the neck and back massage for the next 4 to 5 minutes. Take up a restful position and become aware of how your body and mind summon up new energy.

Activating fragrances such as lemon grass, ginger or mint boost the invigoratingeffect of this massage shower. For the optimum effect, finish by rubbing your body vigorously with your towel, followed by two-to-three gentle physical exercises – qigong, yoga, Pilates or keep-fit exercises are suitable here.

How to use Aquapressure at home correctly

How does aquapressure work and why? How do you use them in your own bathroom? And how can it be meaningfully integrated into a health-conscious everyday life? This is explained by Christoph Stumpe, graduate sports scientist and head of the renowned Shen Men Institute. He has been teaching Tai Ji, Qi Gong, meditation and Chinese massage for over 20 years. As an expert in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine, he provided impulses for the development of aquapressure and the WATER FAN and WATER CURVE massage jets.


Vertical Shower

The VERTICAL SHOWERATT wellness shower is more than just water falling from above: The WATER CURVE massage jet gives a therapeutic massage to the neck and shoulders. WATER FAN gives the entire back a massage. Water hits the skin at different pressure intensities, resulting in increased blood circulation in these parts of the body. Combined with the warmth of the water, this effectively loosens tense parts of the body. VERTICAL SHOWERATT is used to ease muscle tension and to perform targeted stimulation of pressure points and meridians.

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Massage Modules

Dornbracht has developed two special massage jets to enable aquapressure to be used effectively in the home bathroom: WATER FAN and WATER CURVE. They allow water massages to be integrated into the daily routine at any time, independently and conveniently. The massage jets have a new, fanned-out flow mode which provides a targeted massage, either for the neck (WATER CURVE), thoracic vertebrae (vertical WATER FAN) or lumbar vertebrae (horizontal WATER FAN) region, and helps to alleviate and prevent tenseness. The height of the massage jets can be adjusted, giving them the flexibility to adapt to the specific height of an individual. Would you like to read more about MASSAGE MODULES?

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