Water flows and forms

Water can take many forms. In a gentle stream, like a natural shower of rain, or powerful like a massage, gently flowing or deeply pulsating.
The leading water specialist Dornbracht is continuously rethinking and perfecting the ways in which the element is presented. Many years of water know-how go into the development of innovative flow modes, that turn the water at home into ever-new experiences. The exceptional nature of Dornbracht’s water expertise is evident in the variety and virtuosity of these forms of presentation.

Raindrops: Huge, gently falling drops that make you feel as if you are showering in the open air.

A cascade of water: Clear and powerful, like a natural waterfall – a rather special encounter with the element

Laminar flow: The laminar flow covers the skin in a crystal-clear spray pattern and is ideal for water applications such as Kneipp affusions.

Soft massage flow: A well-directed, soft jet of water flows over your back or onto your skin from the side, to provide a gentle and relaxing massage.
Intense massage flow: A powerfully pulsating massage jet that invigorates and deeply relaxes your back and shoulders.


like showering in the open air

Natural rain is the most original yet sensual form of showering. To bring the experience of feeling natural rain to the home bathroom, Dornbracht studied the nature of raindrops in intense detail. Their special secret: they fall as light as a feather, almost weightlessly, bursting softly and directly onto the body. Dornbracht has developed rain sprays and rain panels modeling this experience perfectly.  
All products from Dornbracht’s rain shower family – from SENSORY SKY to BIG RAIN to the rain sprays – present a completely new kind of rain shower: huge, gentle drops of water fall weightlessly from the spray. The jets are finely adjusted to produce raindrops emulating nature. Showering becomes a unique experience of well-being and relaxation. You can experience this unique Dornbracht rain in a variety of different ways:
There is a pleasant tingling sensation as water falls from the overhead spray onto your face, neck and shoulders. A familiar and relaxing shower experience. Water rains from the body spray to envelop your shoulders and upper body, while your head and face stay dry.

A cascade

showering as if under a waterfall

Water in free fall: Dornbracht brings the fascination of a waterfall from nature to the private bathroom. The powerful, graceful cascade of water is the perfect way to gently massage the neck and back area, to cool down after a sauna or every now and again, for refreshment.
Dornbracht makes waterfall showers in three different versions:

WATER FALL: Just like a natural waterfall, the wide cascade of water falling onto the neck and shoulder area is delivered by the power of gravity alone.

WATER SHEET: A clear cascade of water flows from the wide spout and luxuriously envelops the body. The back and shoulders are gently massaged – feeling as if they were under a waterfall, or at a source.

WATER FALL with pearl stream: Parallel, individual streams of water fall gently onto the neck and shoulders – a highly delightful form of water presentation.

Laminar flow

perfect for Kneipp affusions

A feature of laminar flow is its crystal-clear spray pattern. It covers the skin extensively like a jacket of water – making it particularly suitable for carrying out Kneipp affusions. The skin is wetted evenly all over, something that is essential to derive the optimum benefit from a Kneipp affusion.
Laminar flow is available as an affusion pipe, which is really convenient for carrying out facial or arm affusions at the washstand. Dornbracht’s Kneipp hose (WATER TUBE) is also especially good for leg affusions in the shower, as well as the affusion pipe.
LifeSpa_Dornbracht_Massagestrahl soft
Soft massage flow

for a gentle massage shower

The soft, huge raindrops of the soft massage flow ensure a gentle massage. With this flow mode, the water is either directed at the back (WATER BAR) or onto the skin from the side (WATER POINT). In a massage shower for the home, both a body spray and a side spray are ideal for relaxing the back.
LifeSpa_Dornbracht_Massagestrahl intense
Intense massage flow

ideal for water massage at home

The intense massage flow was deliberately devised to make it possible to experience the positive effect of aquapressure (water massage) at home. 
The special massage jets can target and stimulate the meridians and selected pressure points on the body.
Intense massage flows provide either a powerful neck massage 
(WATER CURVE), or a deeply massaging back shower in the thoracic vertebrae (vertical WATER FAN) or lumbar vertebrae (horizontal WATER FAN) region. 
The daily shower can be easily and time-efficiently combined with a therapeutic application to relax the back and relax the neck and shoulders. Regular massages in your own bathroom are a useful addition to your daily health ritual. 
“Aquapressure harmonizes muscle tone and has a positive effect on the perception of pain”, explains Christoph Stumpe. “Blood circulates more readily through the muscles, stimulating the flow of energy and aiding mobility. Tension and stress melt away and the body’s natural defenses are activated.”