Water effect

Water has an effect – both on your body and on your spirit. After a busy day, we instinctively feel that a warm bath is exactly what we need, or that cool water will invigorate us and alleviate swelling. But the range of hydrotherapy is much more versatile than you might think – and provides ample opportunity to boost your health in the bathroom both proactively and preventively. Well-directed water applications help the body’s natural immune defenses over the long term, improve the cardiovascular system and mobility and have a positive effect on the metabolism. They bring balance to the psyche and by so doing, create life energy.
The water effect is based firstly on the body’s reaction at different levels to changing temperature stimuli (hot/cold). The water does not just act locally, it can also affect internal organs or other parts of the body that are not being directly treated. “A foot bath, for example, can help with bladder infections, or an arm bath where the temperature gradually increases can boost blood flow in the legs”, explains Jochen Reisberger, the Spa Manager of the Kneippianum in Bad Wörishofen, who has many years of experience in Kneipp hydrotherapy. Less is often more here, according to Reisberger. “The intensity of the stimulus is crucial to achieving the required reaction. The basic assumption is that gentle stimulation leading to an acceptable reaction is the best approach.”
Along with temperature, water pressure is also an ideal way to benefit health. The effective relief of tension is just one of the results achieved by the specific massage of pressure points, tense muscles or tendons (aquapressure). Water massage is easily integrated into your daily shower ritual at home, to help with your well-being and balance.

Naturally healthy with Kneipp applications

Sanus per Aquam (SPA) – health through water. The positive effects of the element of water for body, mind and soul are many and varied. They have become well-established in traditional Kneipp treatments to improve the health and well-being of an individual over the long term. The different Kneipp applications range from affusions to washing to baths and foot baths. Deliberate changes in temperature – hot, alternately hot and cold, or cold – have either a calming, relaxing or stimulating effect.
It is not difficult to be able to benefit from the health-enhancing effects of Kneipp applications in your own bathroom either. It is easy to enjoy Kneipp affusions in the shower or at the washstand, for instance, with a Kneipp affusion pipe. Regularly applied, they can help to bring more balance to everyday life: recharging the batteries, reducing stress and reviving.
Various applications lend themselves to Kneippism at home, as they are easily carried out and can be integrated into your daily routine – for example, a revitalizing arm affusion in the morning, a relaxing thigh affusion after a demanding day, or a skin-firming facial affusion for a boost of freshness in between times. 

Dornbracht interview with Jochen Reisberger

The content and application of Kneippism is based on five pillars: the health-enhancing power of water, proper nutrition, medicinal plants, exercise and a balanced lifestyle. The aim of the holistic Kneipp therapy is to achieve harmony between body, mind and soul.

Aquapressure – a therapeutic back and neck massage (with the power of water)

Aquapressure uses the medium of water to stimulate the meridians and selected acupuncture points (an innovative application).
How does aquapressure work?
Specifically selected meridians and acupuncture points are stimulated by the different parameters of location (meridians), flow, duration, temperature and progression. The result of the stimulus, according to the healing art of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is that the qi life energy is balanced out, and affects the body, the soul and the mind.
Why is aquapressure ideal for everyday use at home?
The advantages of aquapressure compared to other applications lie in the combination of daily bodily hygiene and the direct health application (healthness). Two aspects are fundamental for everyday life. Health is a permanent issue. Individual, preventive activities do not guarantee your health. It will only be lasting and effective if it is incorporated into everyday life and becomes an integral part of life. Aquapressure is a lovely combination of two delightful aspects working extremely well together. Aquapressure is easily and enjoyably integrated into the your daily shower ritual, and can be repeated several times a day, if needed. The applications/treatments have a preventive effect and easily used to help with everyday conditions. Requiring little effort and can be applied directly and immediately saving yourself  priceless time. 
How does TCM actually work?
Chinese medicine believes that a stimulus of whatever kind, will activate the qi life energy. A balanced flow of qi is fundamental to health. Imbalance will result in indisposition and illness.
With tense muscles, for example, the assumption is that the affected muscles are suffering from a local abundance/accumulation of qi life energy, because of stagnation. If the relevant acupressure points or meridians are used to release the qi blockage, and the bioenergy starts to flow again, the function of the metabolic processes in the muscles and the surrounding tissue structures will improve. The blockage in the qi bioenergy is not only due to physical causes, such as straining the muscle by overwork, it can also have emotional or spiritual causes. Aggression constantly encouraged, or which is unresolved can also cause this stagnation. Qi is the substance that communicates between the individual levels. It links the body, the soul and the mind.
What are the short-term and long-term effects of aquapressure?
In general: Aquapressure harmonizes muscle tone and has a positive effect on the perception of pain. Blood circulates more readily through the muscles; the flow of energy is stimulated, and the mobility of the musculoskeletal system is assisted. Aquapressure targets and relieves tensions and accompanying ailments. It aids in the ability to sleep and promotes vitality. Aquapressure will have a positive effect on our susceptibility to stress. The body’s natural defenses are activated boosting the immune system. Yin and yang, stillness and activity are in balance. It activates the mind, body and soul holistically, as a unit, addressing all the senses and improving general well-being.
Short-term: The body warms up, and muscular and emotional tensions are eased. The activated metabolism conveys an invigorating, clear feeling, assisting detoxification and reviving the body’s own resources. You feel as if you have just had a beneficial massage. Revitalized and rested.
Regular applications stabilize your health and energy levels. They act preventively and in the event of ailments.
They relieve back pain, tension headaches, sleeplessness and anxiety caused by muscular imbalance. They can affect the entire organism through the autonomic nervous system and activate, calm or balance it, according to need and the applicable scenario. The application provides immediate assistance in the event of physical and emotional indisposition.