Drinking Fittings

Drinking - Potable water fittings for your own Spa

Water is essential for our health. Drinking it regularly and in sufficient quantities keeps the metabolism active, regulates the moisture content of the skin and maintains an alert mind. The human body needs about 2.5 litres of water a day, and this requirement increases when playing sport or exercising, or when sweating more in the sauna. 
Which makes it all the more important to ensure an adequate fluid intake in the spa.
With a Dornbracht Hot & Cold Water Dispenser, drinking water in the spa area is always available quickly and easily. 

The convenient water dispenser for the home supplies filtered hot or cold water as required in a matter of seconds – ideal for occasional refreshment or to save time when preparing tea and other hot drinks.

Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

The water dispenser for your home

The drinking water dispenser is extremely easy to use. If you push the lever backward, you get cooled water and if you move it forward, boiling water pours out of the tap – without any delay. The clearly defined, natural, laminar flow guarantees that there will be no dangerous splashing, and that exact quantities of water will be dispensed.
The Hot & Cold Water Dispenser is available for the TARA ULTRA, LOT, Elio, Meta.02 and Tara Classic series, and perfectly matches the design of the main fitting. The drinking water dispenser blends harmoniously into your individual spa area.