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Kneipp Modules in your bathroom or spa

Sanus per Aquam (SPA) – health through water. The positive effects of the element of water for body, mind and soul are many and varied. They have become well-established in traditional Kneipp treatments to improve the health and well-being of an individual over the long term. The different Kneipp applications range from affusions to washing to baths and foot baths. Deliberate changes in temperature – hot, alternately hot and cold, or cold – have either a calming, relaxing or stimulating effect. 
It is not difficult to be able to benefit from the health-enhancing effects of Kneipp applications in your own bathroom either. It is easy to enjoy Kneipp affusions in the shower or at the washstand, for instance, with a Kneipp affusion pipe. Regularly applied, they can help to bring more balance to everyday life: recharging the batteries, reducing stress and reviving. 
Various applications lend themselves to Kneippism at home, as they are easily carried out and can be integrated into your daily routine – for example, a revitalising arm affusion in the morning, a relaxing thigh affusion after a demanding day, or a skin-firming facial affusion for a boost of freshness in between times.

Dornbracht in interview with Jochen Reisberger

Jochen Reisberger runs Germany’s Leading Kneipp and health resort, the Kneippianum in Bad Wörishofen. He is also part of the Dornbracht Healthness network of experts. He explains the Kneipp principle – and its all-embracing mode of action – in an interview.


The experience

Feel the power and effect of water on your body when using Kneipp treatments.

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Product solutions

What are Kneipp affusions carried out with? What is the difference between a casting tube and a Water Tube?



Water applications

Would you like to use Kneipp affusions at home? With Kneipp expert Jochen Reisberger, Dornbracht has put together special water applications for you.

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The adventure - Experience & Sensation

How does water feel in its purest form? Kneipp therapy is a recognized procedure that provides information about this. The effect on body, mind & soul will also convince you. The water applications are individual and finely graduated. They are always adapted to the respective person or situation.  
Experience how quickly an arm cast refreshes the body and increases concentration. Permanently applied, Kneipp cures strengthen the body's defences and immune system. Feel the power of water enveloping your body in a protective cocoon.

Product solutions

Dornbracht Spa Modules can be flexibly integrated into any bathroom or spa. Simply expand your daily spa and shower ritual. They promote well-being, increase your life energy and strengthen your health. With the help of WATER TUBE and AFFUSION PIPE, Kneipp affusion can be carried out effectively and comfortably.

Laminar Flow – Flow mode & effect

A feature of LAMINAR FLOW is its crystal-clear spray pattern. It covers the skin extensively like a jacket of water – making it particularly suitable for carrying out Kneipp affusions. It ensures a complete and even wetting of the skin, which is essential for the optimal effect of a Kneipp affusion. The laminar jet is available in the form of a casting tube, which makes it particularly convenient to a facial affusion or arm affusion on the washstand. The Kneipp hose (WATER TUBE) from Dornbracht is particularly suitable for leg affusion in the shower in addition to the AFFUSION PIPE.

Perfectly matched water applications - Kneipp Modules

Treatment recommendations

With the Dornbracht Spa Modules you can easily upgrade your bathroom to a private LifeSpa. They can be flexibly integrated into any shower solution and expand your daily spa and shower ritual: to promote individual well-being, life energy and health. So you can experience water applications at home at any time - in a particularly comfortable and effective way. For this we have put together special water applications for you with our expert Jochen Reisberger, head of the Kneipp and health department Kneippianum in Bad Wörishofen. The so-called Kneipp casts promote your health and have a relaxing, calming or stimulating effect. 

Leg Affusion

Health benefit
firms the skin 
lowers blood pressure 
encourages sleep 

Time of day
For relaxation after a demanding day, 1– 2 hours before going to bed (about 45 seconds) 

Start at the outside toe of your right foot and run the cold stream of water along the outside of your right leg as far as the groin. Stay there for a while and then move back down along the inside of 
the leg. Repeat the application on your left leg in the same way. With regular applications, the cold leg affusion can help to boost the body’s natural defences and immune system. It also speeds-up your metabolism and prevents vein problems.  

Arm affusion 

Health benefit
beneficial for low blood pressure 

Time of day
All day long (about 30 seconds) 

Start applying the cold water on the outside of your right hand and move slowly up your arm towards the shoulder. Stay here for a while and then move back down, pouring along the inside of the arm. Repeat the application on your left arm in the same way. The cold arm affusion activates your circulation and promotes concentration. If applied regularly, it can also help to boost your immune system. 

Facial Affusion 

Health benefit
stimulates the circulation 
firms the skin 

Time of day
Ideal as an occasional and refreshing Treatment (about 30 seconds) 

Start at the right cheek and from there, apply the cold water in straight lines down and back up over your right cheek – three times in all. Repeat this on the left side. Then pass the stream of water over your forehead three times. To finish, circle your face three times with the stream of water. The cold facial affusion is ideal as a quick fix if you are feeling tired, have a tension headache, or are starting a migraine. It also has a calming effect if you are nervous, or your heart is racing.

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