Rain Modules

The feeling of natural rain in the shower

Natural rain is the most original and at the same time most sensual form of showering. Dornbracht has researched the properties of raindrops down to the last detail in order to make it possible to experience the feeling of rain in one's own bathroom, just like in nature. Their special secret: they fall as light as a feather, almost weightless, and hit the body softly and fully. Dornbracht has developed rain showers and rain panels that perfectly recreate this experience. All products from the Dornbracht rain shower range - from the JUST RAIN to the BIG RAIN and RAIN SKY M - create a unique form of rain shower.

Dornbracht Rain Modules

With Dornbracht's rain- and experience showers   you can enjoy the feeling of a natural rain shower in your own bathroom. In order to recreate this as authentically as possible, Dornbracht has researched the essence of raindrops down to the last detail - and developed rain showers from which the water falls as softly as from clouds.


The experience

Feel the natural Dornbracht rain on your skin and experience perfection in every drop.

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Product solutions

Start the day refreshing or use a relaxing shower for deep relaxation of body, mind & soul.

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Water applications

Start the day refreshing or use a relaxing shower for deep relaxation of body, mind & soul.

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The adventure - Experience & Sensation

The unique Dornbracht rain can be experienced in many different ways. Since the introduction of large-format overhead showers in 1998, Dornbracht has continuously developed its portfolio of rain showers. Innovations such as RainSky (2003) or Sensory Sky (2013) opened up new dimensions for enjoying the Dornbracht rain - for example as a multisensory water experience inspired by weather phenomena. As a leading water specialist, Dornbracht is constantly working on further developing the dosage forms of the element. Our many years of know-how flow into the development of innovative types of water jets, with which water can be experienced again and again. In addition to the special Dornbracht rain, the element can take many forms: Sometimes it appears powerful like a waterfall or as a powerful pulsating surge, sometimes as a crystal-clear laminar jet or in the form of the finest fog, sometimes soft and sometimes invigorating. The diversity and virtuosity of these dosage forms testify to Dornbracht's special water competence. The premium manufacturer has not only mastered the perfect shaping of the water, but also knows how to use it in the sense of a health-promoting effect.

Product solutions

A feeling like being out in the open - inspired by nature

The secret of the unique Dornbracht rain is its extraordinary spray pattern: as the water flows out of the shower without pressure, voluminous drops are formed which hit the skin as light as a feather and gently envelop it. Sometimes refreshing and invigorating like a cool shower in the morning, sometimes pleasant like a warm summer rain.  
Dornbracht offers you a variety of shower fittings for rain showers that can be perfectly matched to the design concept of your bathroom. Equipped with optional head shower, body shower and rain curtain they bring the rain.

Perfectly matched water applications

Treatment recommendations

With the Dornbracht Spa Modules you can easily upgrade your bathroom to a private LifeSpa. They can be flexibly integrated into any shower solution and expand your daily spa and shower ritual: to promote individual well-being, life energy and health. We recommend specific water applications (treatments) for each spa module, which can be used in everyday life as required.

Test Rain Modules

Would you like to test our Rain Modules extensively? Dornbracht offers you the opportunity to collect Spa Experience. Contact our experts and make an appointment for a test shower.

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Comprehensive consulting

If you have any questions about our Rain Modules, a team of experts is at your side. Our Rain Modules experts will advise you comprehensively with all the information you need about the products or for planning.

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