Individual shower and wellness solutions for your private spa

Refreshment in the morning, relaxation in the evening, or regeneration after exercise: the daily shower is a moment that is yours alone. An indispensable ritual for well-being and an important component of a health-conscious lifestyle.

Dornbracht offers unique shower solutions for every requirement, so that you can create an experience that is as unique and individual as possible. 
Choose from a variety of designer showers – from the rain shower to the wellness shower to the experience shower.
You can put together the wellness features of your desired shower on an individual basis: designs, products, control elements and applications can be combined as required, and extra functions can be added for greater convenience, such as a Kneipp affusion pipe, massage jets or an application for automatic leg affusions.

The result is wellness solutions that are perfectly tailored to what you want, what you need, and how you want to use it.

Luxury shower

With Dornbracht luxury showers, health-enhancing treatments are conveniently experienced at the touch of a button. Perfectly matched, highly-effective water programs provide a holistic experience for body, mind and spirit.

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Wellness shower

With their exclusive extra features, Dornbracht wellness showers are ideal for integrating health-enhancing water applications into your everyday life. They have convenient extras, such as a side spray for back and neck massages, or an affusion pipe for carrying out Kneipp affusions, to go with the rain shower and hand shower.

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Rain shower

A special feature of Dornbracht rain showers is their exceptionally gentle and natural rainfall. Soft, full drops fall onto your body without pressure, creating a unique water experience.

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Design shower

Fittings do not just perform a specific function. They also convey a sense of the quality of their workmanship and the perfection of their form – made in Germany.

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