Comfort Shower - Water experience while seated
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COMFORT SHOWERATT combines intense regeneration with great comfort. The innovative seated shower enhances your private spa with a unique application. Different outlets and flow modes let you enjoy therapeutic water experiences at the touch of a button while seated. You can relax deeply, and enjoy Treatments such as affusions or peeling, or even shave your legs in comfort. The COMFORT SHOWERATT seated shower combines the BIG RAIN rain shower with the WATER FALL cascade spout with pearl stream. With this flow mode, the water falls gently onto the neck and shoulder area and luxuriously envelops your body, as if you were under a natural waterfall. At the same time, a powerful stream of water from two WATER BARS massages your upper and lower back, pleasantly relaxing and loosening. Therapeutic Kneipp affusions can also be carried out with an AFFUSION PIPE.

The seated shower

Experience pleasant water experiences with COMFORT SHOWERATT. The Massage Modules provide deep relaxation at the touch of a button.

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Water applications

COMFORT SHOWERATT becomes the source of spiritual power. The water applications, also known as signature treatments, have a relaxing, invigorating or balancing effect.

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Architectural solution

COMFORT SHOWERATT can be easily integrated into different style worlds. The reduced design creates free spaces in the architectural world.

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The adventure - Experience & Sensation

COMFORT SHOWERATT takes the sitting shower experience on to another level. PEARL STREAM and the WATER BARs touch your senses. The rain shower BIG RAIN completes the composition of different flow modes and their effect. Encased in warm water, COMFORT SHOWER shields you from the outside world and gives you the feeling of security while PEARL STREAM and WATER BARs gently massage your back and neck area.


Water Bar

A powerful stream of water from two WATER BARS massages your upper and lower back, providing a pleasantly relaxing experience.


Pearl Stream

With the flow mode WATER FALL with Pearlstream the water falls gently onto the neck and shoulder area and luxuriously envelops your body, as if you were under a natural waterfall.


Big Rain

The BIG RAIN rain shower allows you to shower as in the open air. The drops are particularly gentle on the body and create the feeling of real rain on the skin.

Point of experience - test COMFORT SHOWERATT

Dornbracht offers you the opportunity to test our products. Experience COMFORT SHOWERATT during a test shower. We will arrange the shower experience in a spa of your choice. Our well-trained employees offer a personal and discreet service right from the start. Just send us your contact details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Perfectly matched water applications – Comfort ShowerATT

Signature Treatments

With Dornbracht Spa Solutions you can experience water applications at home at any time - and in a particularly comfortable and effective way. For this purpose, we have developed our Signature Treatments with experts from the health and wellness sector: Perfectly matched water programs that you can select and enjoy at the touch of a button.


The water becomes the source of spiritual strength This Signature Treatment brings your body and mind into balance with a slowly rising temperature in the back and neck area and a simultaneous, warm leg massage.


Wellness that imparts strength. This COMFORT SHOWER ATT Signature Treatment brings new energy. All your senses are sharpened and stimulated by a contrast affusion in the back and neck area. The organism powers up.


The water cleanses the mind. It soothes and powers down the organism. This Signature Treatment uses warm neck and leg massage to help you to relax and be fit and mentally strong enough to face the challenges of everyday life.

COMFORT SHOWERATT in the bathroom architecture

COMFORT SHOWERATT harmonises perfectly with the architecture. The rain shower BIG RAIN fits perfectly into the room. WATER BARS and PEARL STREAM adapt to their surroundings with their reduced design. The flexibility is not only visible in the function. A high degree of possible combinations also creates room for creativity and a high level of operating comfort.


Point of experience

Would you like to feel the unique shower experience of COMFORT SHOWERATT? Make an appointment! At selected locations you have the opportunity to experience COMFORT SHOWERATT extensively.

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Personal Consultation

We support our clients in all cases. Not only when planning your private bathroom or private spa, but also when selecting and specifying the right products, you will receive professional consultation from our experts.

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