Horizontal ShowerATT - the massage shower

With HORIZONTAL SHOWERATT, you experience a fascinating water massage while reclining. The innovative massage shower brings a totally new feeling of relaxation – tension melts away, everyday stress disappears with the water, and your body and mind feel noticeably revitalised.


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Unique massage experience with six water bars

The massage shower has six WaterBars (massage jets) that are recessed above the reclining area. Water falls onto your body as huge, soft raindrops, ensuring a unique wellness experience that is as therapeutic as a massage.


Wellness treatments for your private spa

HORIZONTAL SHOWERATT can also be combined with different wellness applications, such as peeling or soap-foam massages. The massage shower is not just an enhancement for the private spa, it is also in demand throughout the world for leading wellness hotels and spa providers. Intuitive control with Dornbracht Smart Tools is easy, even when lying down. Press a button to select one of three pre-programmed signature treatments.


Signature Treatments

The signature treatments of HORIZONTAL SHOWERATT were developed in collaboration with the wellness specialists, Schienbein + Pier. BALANCING: The alternating hot-and-cold rain flow and varying water volume of the water massage starts from the shoulders and soles of the feet and converges at the body’s midsection. You feel that your body is being gently stroked, which has a marvellously balancing effect. ENERGIZING: With its cascade-style water delivery, this signature treatment invigorates the body and the mind. Fine streams of water are followed by intense, heavy rain, which in turn is followed by fine streams of water. Accompanied by several changes in temperature, this signature treatment dispenses new energy. DE-STRESSING: This signature treatment is enjoyed lying on your back. Uniform raindrops fall from your shoulders to your feet, as the temperature of the water slowly and deliberately rises. A deeply relaxing water massage that melts away stress.


Quality: Handmade in Germany

For decades, Dornbracht has been synonymous with high-quality design – made in Germany. Not only do we count on state-of-the-art production technologies, we also, and most importantly, rely on the experience and practised eye of our long-standing employees. We think that the care and attention given to our products and solutions in the course of their manufacture is the most important requirement for outstanding quality and precision. This is why skilled craftsmanship is involved in all areas of production – from assembly, to the continual checks after every operation. This also applies to our smart rain shower HORIZONTAL SHOWERATT, which is made to order at our Iserlohn factory and entirely assembled by hand. HORIZONTAL SHOWERATT is the result of our uncompromising quality standard – and combines complex technology with high-quality workmanship at the highest level.