Leg Shower - Shower for the legs
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LEG SHOWERATT – the contrast shower for the legs

Leg affusions with changing temperatures

Dornbracht presents LEG SHOWERATT, an automated contrast shower for invigorating leg affusions. This refreshes your body after sport, for instance, or helps to build up the body’s natural defences. The application has four WATER BARS mounted in the shower at calf-height. Control is easy with Dornbracht SMART TOOLS. These digital control elements accurately control the water temperature and volume, as well as providing useful pre-sets.

Contrast shower

The regenerative effect of LEG SHOWERATT promotes fitness and strengthens the immune system.

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Water applications

Learn more about how LEG SHOWERATT uses water to revitalize tired legs.

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Architectural solutions

LEG SHOWERATT convinces with its restrained design and diversity of architecture.

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The adventure - Experience & sensation

Contrast showers have many positive effects on physical well-being and health. This is especially true of cold affusions and contrast showers for the legs which – like a session in a sauna – can boost the immune system and actively help muscle regeneration. It is not for nothing that spa resorts throughout the world have been using contrast showers professionally for many years. LEG SHOWERATT provides useful pre-sets which play automated ccold or warm leg affusions. This refreshes your body after sport, for instance, or helps to build up the body’s natural defences.

Test shower – Leg showerATT

You can now try out the positive effects on your physical well-being. Let the regenerative effects of LEG SHOWERATT convince you. After choosing your spa and appointment, you can extensively test the vitalising and refreshing wellness treatment. Our team of experts will take care of the organisation!

Perfectly matched water applications - Leg ShowerATT

Signature Treatments

With Dornbracht Spa Solutions you can experience water applications at home at any time - and in a particularly comfortable and effective way. 
For this purpose, we have developed our Signature Treatments with experts from the health and wellness sector: 
Perfectly matched water programs that you can select and enjoy at the touch of a button.


Refreshes the body with cool water in just 30 seconds. The Signature Treatment invigorates tired, heavy legs and can alleviate vein problems. When used regularly, REFRESH helps to boost the body’s natural defences and the immune system.


It is an alternating hot and cold affusion and lasts for 2:30 minutes. The Signature Treatment invigorates, lowers blood pressure and harmonises body, mind and soul. When used regularly, VITALIZE helps to boost the body’s natural defences and the immune system, stimulates the metabolism and prevents vein problems.

Leg ShowerATT in bathroom architecture

The LEG SHOWERATT can also be expanded with the COMFORT SHOWERATT modules, as shown. Thanks to its neutral design language, LEG SHOWERATT can be integrated into any bench. The extension to COMFORT SHOWERATT continues the linear design.


Test shower

In selected spas you can experience VITALIZE and REFRESH live! The test shower was developed especially for such purposes. A professional team takes care of your needs completely and discreetly and creates your unforgettable moment of the test shower. Choose the spa of your choice and contact us!

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Individual consultation

Make an appointment now for a professional and individual consultation. A team of experts will provide you with comprehensive advice on planning, product selection and specifications for your spa area or wellness bathroom. Simply fill out the contact form and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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