RAINMOON - the experience shower

a multisensory water experience

Water, light, energy – RAINMOON represents a new dimension of a highly-individual shower experience. The spa application embodies the next level in the Dornbracht LifeSpa and permits a unique encounter with the element of water: two newly-developed flow modes and a unique moonlight are combined to create an emotional water experience providing new life energy.
RAINMOON is distinguished by its particularly minimalist design, attributing focus to the unique water experience. A dome in the ceiling forms the central element which is seamlessly integrated in its surroundings and practically merges invisibly with the bathroom or spa interior. The dome offers a particularly deep-view effect: by means of a concealed light strip inside the semi-sphere, RAINMOON creates the perfect mood lighting while generating a feeling of infiniteness when gazing upwards.
The unique water experience is created by two innovative flow modes.

Experience shower

A multisensory water sensation - get the extraordinary feeling of RAINMOON!

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Water applications

RAINMOON offers health-promoting applications for body, mind and soul.



Architectural solutions

RAINMOON integrates itself into architectural solutions as an independent highlight.

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The adventure - experience & sensation

The effect of water on the body includes a psychological and spiritual experience. RAINMOON is the epitome of bliss giving rise to emotions such as relaxation, refreshment or security by combining water and light. RAINMOON is our response to the growing desire for balance and joie de vivre of the human being as there is an increase in everyday demands on people. Maintaining personal health is increasingly important – both physically and psychologically. The bathroom offers space for developing a personal health strategy.

The two innovative spray types contribute significantly to this. TEMPEST and AQUA CIRCLE adapt to every need.


Tempest: the nature of water

With its large and particularly soft droplets which fall seemingly effortlessly and autonomously aided by gravity, the Tempest flow mode introduces the natural experience of a tempestuous rain shower to the bathroom. The flow mode does not follow any logic, but rather the natural inclination of the water. A thundery shower pouring down from every direction, clearing the air while simultaneously ensuring relaxation and refreshment.


Aqua Circle: Adapts to any condition

The effect of Aqua Circle is regulated by the volume of water. Like a gentle funnel, the water falls from the dome. The more water, the smaller the funnel effect, thus giving rise to a powerful and bundled flow which is ideal for washing skin and hair, for example. When less water is applied, the funnel enlarges, staying clear of the head, water falls like a rain curtain, quietly and consistently on areas of tension, ensuing Aqua Circle’s relaxing and meditative effects.

Perfectly matched water applications - Rainmoon

Signature Treatments

With Dornbracht Spa Solutions you can experience water applications at home at any time - and in a particularly comfortable and effective way. 
For this purpose, we have developed our Signature Treatments with experts from the health and wellness sector: 
Perfectly matched water programs that you can select and enjoy at the touch of a button.

Creative Regeneration

Health benefit:
mental relaxation

Time of day:
Whenever you feel the need to give your thoughts free rein. Enjoy a moment of perfect peace to energise your creativity.

The large, soft water droplets of the TEMPEST flow mode swirl around your body like a cleansing thunderstorm. Your thoughts become clearer with every drop and you feel light and liberated. Switch to the AQUA CIRCLE flow mode to be surrounded by a bubbling rain curtain. Your head stays clear – and if you look up, you get a unique and meditative sensation of infinity. An ideal state for shaking off blockages and adopting a new perspective.

Use the shower to take a conscious time out, to be creative and develop new ideas.


Minimalistic architecture

RAINMOON provides a natural interplay of water and lighting and opens up a broad spectrum of experiences for body and mind. In particular the intense RAINMOON lighting experience, which is invisibly integrated creates a unique sensation.

The light strip inside RAINMOON’s minimalist dome creates the perfect mood lighting, giving a sense of infinity as you look up into the dome. The daily shower is transformed into the ultimate safe haven, dispensing new life-force energy through personal moments of deep relaxation.


Point of experience

Would you like to feel the unique shower experience of RAINMOON? Make an appointment! At selected locations you have the opportunity to experience RAINMOON extensively.

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Personal consultation

We support our clients in all cases. Not only when planning your private bathroom or private spa, but also when selecting and specifying the right products, you will receive professional consultation from our experts.

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