Vertical Shower - The massage shower
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VERTICAL SHOWERATT - the wellness shower


VERTICAL SHOWERATT combines different outlets and flow modes into unique water experiences. The wellness shower provides many relaxing and health-enhancing water applications in your own bathroom – from neck to back massage. VERTICAL SHOWERATT has three outlets that bring to life the therapeutic effect of the water in different ways.

The massage shower

VERTICAL SHOWERATT envelops you in comforting warm water during the massage.

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Water applications

VERTICAL SHOWERATT expels tiredness and provides new energy through water pressure.

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Architectural solutions

How can VERTICAL SHOWERATT be integrated into different architectures?

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The adventure – Experience & Sensation

VERTICAL SHOWERATT has three outlets that bring to life the therapeutic effect of the water in different ways. The VERTICAL SHOWERATT wellness shower is more than just water fallingfrom above: it combines the new side sprays with an innovative massage flow. The new side sprays massage your back and shoulders, enveloping your body in water and delivering an unforgettable spa experience.

Perfectly matched water applications – Vertical ShowerATT

Signature Treatments

With Dornbracht Spa Solutions you can experience water applications at home at any time – in extreme comfort and to great effect. We got togehter with health and wellness experts to develop our so-called Signature Treatments: Perfectly coordinated water programs, selected at the touch of a button for you to enjoy.


Warm water and moderate, pleasantly warm temperatures and alternating massage flow intensities ensure a balanced loosening of the back muscles. The massage shower makes you feel secure, as if being stroked by a hand, as it luxuriously envelops your body. Harmony is restored to your senses, you feel balanced and your mind is clear.


Warm water and powerful massage flows thoroughly loosen and activate the neck and back muscles. The therapeutic water pressure drives away tiredness and dispenses new energy – you feel refreshed, rested and ready for the day.


The interplay of hot and cold temper-atures and alternating, short-lived massage flow intensities loosens up all the back muscles. Tension is released, the unruly torrent of thoughts gradually dies down. Your mind and body are pure and clear once again.

Vertical ShowerATT  in bathroom architecture

Reduced in form, powerful in effect. VERTICAL SHOWERATT does not even stop at the most modern architecture. The massage shower takes up little space as a complete spa application. The VERTICAL SHOWERATT product solution is particularly suitable for smaller wellness bathrooms. VERTICAL SHOWERATT can be highlighted as a highlight of the architecture, or it can be subordinated to the architectural concept.


Point of experience

Would you like to feel the unique shower experience of VERTICAL SHOWERATT? Make an appointment! At selected locations you have the opportunity to experience VERTICAL SHOWERATT extensively.

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Personal consultation

We support our clients in all cases. Not only when planning your private bathroom or private spa, but also when selecting and specifying the right products, you will receive professional consultation from our experts.

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