Washbasin Fittings
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Individual washplace solutions: water applications for beauty, wellness and health

The washplace is at the heart of every bathroom. Most daily personal hygiene and body care takes place at the washplace – from washing your hands, to cleaning your teeth, to washing your face, shaving, or washing your hair.

Because these rituals are our everyday companions, Dornbracht has developed special outlet points to help you complete them really easily and efficiently. 
The outlet points can be controlled both mechanically or digitally by using Smart Tools. 
Here the temperature and water volume can be accurately adjusted with just a flick of the wrist. There are many different ways to enhance your washplace.
A rotating spout, for example, is convenient for rinsing your mouth, the extending hand shower makes it easier to wash your hair and the affusion pipe is perfect for arm or facial affusions. 
You have the opportunity every day at the washplace to do something for your health, beauty and wellness.

Dornbracht specifically developed the affusion pipe so that Kneipp affusions could be carried out easily and effectively. Its special laminar flow ensures that the skin is wetted evenly all over, something that is essential to derive the optimum benefit from the water applications.

Extensible affusion pipe for Kneipp treatments 

The Dornbracht affusion pipe has been developed for the comfortable and effective application of kneipp showers. The special laminar stream ensures a holistic and even wetting of the skin, which is essential for an ideal effect of water applications.

Extension for mouth wash

The twistable extension with a perlator stream is ideal for classic rituals at the washbasin, like hand washing. The twistable end fitting is in particular pratical as it enables the user to have a very comfortable mouthrinse.

Extensible hair shower for a comfortable hair wash

The extensible hand shower is the ideal support for a comfortable hair wash at the wash basin. The special perlator stream ensures a particular smooth and effective hair wash.