Water Fall Modules

Showering under a water fall

Water in free fall: Dornbracht brings the fascination of a waterfall from nature to the private bathroom. The powerful, graceful cascade of water is the perfect way to gently massage the neck and back area, to cool down after a sauna or every now and again, for refreshment.
Wellness plays an increasingly important role in the bathroom. Simple showers will be converted into shower temples and old bathrooms will be upgraded. The bathroom has long since ceased to consist of just a shower and washbasin. Also an old shower, consisting of shower cabin and head shower, can be converted to a massage shower. An overflow spout is also ideal as a supplement to your existing shower set. Your shower can thus be transformed into a waterfall shower with an overflow spout as a waterfall and your bath into a shower temple.
In addition to design and function, the high-quality wellness showers are also convincing in their effect. Dornbracht waterfall showers are available in three versions: Water Fall, Water Sheet and Water Fall with Pearl Stream. Experience a new shower experience and a new shower feeling under an overflow shower!

The experience

Showering like under a waterfall.

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Product solutions

Discover the various Dornbracht waterfall showers.

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Water application

With different applications you can use the Water Fall Modules for massage or cooling down after a sauna session.

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The Adventure - Experience & Sensation

Showering like under a waterfall gives you back the feeling of an original showering experience. Feel the power of water, with which you can actively and preventively strengthen your own health.  
With the help of simple applications of water massages you can promote your well-being and your life energy every day. Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation, while the wide, powerful jet of the waterfall spout massages your neck and back.  
Discover a completely new shower experience with the Water Fall Modules and the associated effect on the body.

Product solutions

Water Fall
Just like a natural waterfall, the wide CASCADE of water falling onto the neck and shoulder area is delivered by the power of gravity alone.

Water Sheet
A clear cascade of water flows from the wide spout and luxuriously envelops the body. The back and shoulders are gently massaged – feeling as if they were under a waterfall.

Water Fall with Pearl Stream
Parallel, individual streams of water fall gently onto the neck and shoulders – a highly delightful form of water presentation.

Perfectly matched water applications – Water Fall Modules

With the Dornbracht Spa Modules you can easily upgrade your bathroom to a private LifeSpa. They can be flexibly integrated into any shower solution and expand your daily spa and shower ritual: to promote individual well-being, life energy and health. We recommend specific water applications (treatments) for each spa module, which can be used in everyday life as required.

Sauna shower

Health benefit:

cooling down after a sauna gives the blood vessels a workout stimulates the circulation and metabolism stabilises the autonomic nervous system

Time of day:

Perfect for cooling down after every sauna session

Ideally, your cool-down after a sauna starts outdoors. Consciously breathe in and out a few times to cool your airways. Then set a specific cold stimulus with the cascade shower. The stream of water
should not be too powerful and you should choose a cool to cold temperature.Start at the feet and direct the flow of water slowly upwards towards your heart. Then go to the arms, starting from the
hands and moving towards the shoulders. After that, you can also give the rest of your body a cold shower. Make sure that you warm up your body again immediately afterwards, to stop you catching a chill. Once you are dry, wrap yourself in a bathrobe and feel free to enjoy a warm footbath, for instance.

Allow yourself time to rest between sauna sessions, to regulate your body temperature. The best way to relax is to sit or lie down for a little while.


Point of experience

Experience a new dimension of showering pleasure with the Water Fall Modules. During the test shower you have the opportunity to test the Water Fall Modules extensively. Let the power of water convince you. Simply fill out the contact form and our experts will get back to you as soon as possible!

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Personal Consultation

Do you have questions about the product solutions WATER FALL, WATER SHEET or WATER FALL with PEARLSTREAM? Need help planning your private bathroom or spa area? We have the answers to your questions! Contact us and our experts will advise you personally and comprehensively in a personal conversation, by e-mail or telephone.

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