Foot Bath

FootbathATT – the luxury footbath for your private wellness area

The FOOT BATHATT is a popular wellness application that is not only soothing for your feed but has also a therapeutic effect on your entire body. Targeted temperature related stimulations (warm, cold or poikilothermic) have a positive impact on the circular flow, immune system, metabolic and neural system.
Consequently, a footbath can have an astonishing effect on your health and wellbeing – as a relaxing application after a stressful day, a prevention for colds, for warming up your feed in winter, just before a sauna session, on completion of a spa day or as an effective sleeping aid before going to bed. 

FOOT BATHATT is a luxury footbath, ideal for your private bath or your home spa. 
* The broad outlet WATER FALL with a pearlstream has the effect of a particular smooth feeling when the water touches your skin.
* The extendable Kneipp affusion pipe enables the comfortable execution of knee-, thighs-, or arm affusion.

* Four massage jets ensure a comfortable stimulation of the foot reflexology.
* The handling is intuitive and convenient with electronic control elements (Smart Tools).
Temperature and water volume can be controlled with rotary knobs.
Display switches can control the water outlet and drain as well as the pre-programmed functions for comfort and water applications.

Automatic applications for relaxation and vitalisation

The signature treatments make FOOT BATHATT particulary comfortable and safe. The automatic filling enables you to lean back and simply enjoy the treatment. 

RELAX - soothes the body, mind and soul with the power of water. The water is heated slowly and deliberately to encourage blood flow in the feet. The feeling of security calms the circulation, as the water gently climbs from your ankles to your calves. 

After the scenario, your feet, your mind and your body feel relaxed. 

The scenario is perfect for winter days in particular, when it warms you up and prevents you from catching a cold. 

VITALIZE - invigorates, stimulates and liberates. Working from the feet upwards, energy can flow freely once more, as a feeling of freshness envelops the body. Energetic changes in temperature stimulate the reflex zones of the soles of the feet, as the mounting intensity of the jets activates the nervous system. The senses are invigorated and the feeling of well-being is boosted. 

Application and effect

Health benefit: 
Calms the circulation and warms you from within, has a soporific effect and prevents colds (10 minutes)
When to use: 
Ideal before going to bed, especially on winter nights
How to use: 
First immerse your feet in shallow, lukewarm water (about 33 °C) and then gradually add warmer water. Slowly increase the temperature to about 39 °C and enjoy feeling the heat gradually flow through your entire body. After this application, your feet, head and body will feel relaxed.
Keep your body warm during the foot bath and dry your feet and legs thoroughly afterwards. Then treat yourself to at least 10 minutes more rest – preferably lying down – or go straight to bed