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Health is our most important asset. We live in an age where individuals are increasing pressurised, one where both physical and mental balance are more important than ever before. This is because we need to be healthy, fit and capable all the time to face the varied challenges of everyday life, and we can only do this if we make the most of our own, individual life energy.

A balanced diet, regular exercise and enough sleep are all important, and are the essential elements of a health-conscious lifestyle.
Specific water applications also have a meaningful contribution to make as a preventive measure that actively boosts your health. From revitalising Kneipp applications to exceptional spa experiences, they are all designed to bring more balance, well-being and life energy to every day.

Dornbracht knows that water can impact positively on our lives in a variety of ways, and so LifeSpa offers tailor-made wellness solutions for the home, as well as for the professional spa sector. Discover how effortlessly and beneficially special water applications can upgrade your bathroom to a home spa – and turn it into an important component of your very own personal health and wellness strategy.


Health: water applications

Dornbracht will support and advise you in all matters concerning the health-enhancing effect of water. Dornbracht LifeSpa is based on our many years of water application experience and our work with a network of experts in Kneipp therapy and hydrotherapy, and highlights contemporary bathroom solutions that focus on you and your health.

Healthy Water applications


Solutions: spa solutions for the home

Dornbracht LifeSpa embraces a wide variety of specialised products and solutions for bathroom and spa – from an affusion pipe and an exclusive foot bath, to relaxing baths and massage and wellness showers.
Here you will find appropriate wellness solutions that can turn your bathroom into a place of health and relaxation.

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Architecture: planning and inspiration for your private spa

Whether you are planning a wellness bathroom for yourself, or for one of your customers – Dornbracht will advise you in your spa planning and support you in designing a wellness area that is fully in keeping with your individual needs. We take the actual space situation into account, and provide you with inspiration and specific planning aids – with regard to zoning, products, applications and materials, as well as the perfect mood lighting. For your very own personal LifeSpa.

planning concepts & inspiration

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